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Visionary and Award-Winning Consultant with a passion for Entrepreneurship, Data Sciences, and Full-Stack Web Development.

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Short story

About me

From Stapler-Boy on the night shift
to Director of Product & Technology.

Unlike many high school graduates, I did not pursue a post-secondary education right away. Instead, due to my father suffering a stroke, I went to work at his import and export business, trading food commodities internationally.

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In 2001, to gain more experience, I worked at FedEx Office, started by stapling documents on the night shift, and moved to become the senior manager of the most profitable centre in Canada. Some of my main responsibilities included:

  • Leading 50 team members with 3 direct reports.
  • Owing the P&L.

I then worked for eBay Canada, writing emails to defrauded members. Just as I was about to be let go for not meeting the minimum quota of 8 emails per hour, I noticed a pattern in the emails and wrote a script that sent on average 108 emails per hour with a 93% accuracy rate. This landed me a promotion as a Business Intelligence Analyst where I:

  • Consulted with key stakeholders on reporting, dashboards, and analytics needs.
  • Mined data and created ETL processes to develop reports.
  • Developed reports and dashboards.

Due to the 2009 economic downturn, eBay closed its centre. As a result, I decided to go back to school and completed a Bachelor’s in Computing Sciences and Commerce at McMaster University. Furthermore, I recently graduated with a Master’s in Computing Sciences.

In between, I founded a tech start-up specializing in proximity technologies where I was granted a US patent, raised $500,000, and had $3MM in revenue. My day-to-day included, but not limited to:

  • Finding clients, dicovery presentations.
  • Uncovered their pain points backed by data.
  • Proposal writing and quotations.
  • Architecture solutions and owned the roadmap.
  • Coded and/or directed a team of developers.
  • Deployed and measured the outcome.

In the last three years, I worked in the same capacity but with a $25MM company as the Director of Product and Technology.

Last but far from least I am a very lucky father of three little girls 6, 4 and 5 months old.



My work

I'm an entrepreneur, solutions architect, and developer. This combination enables me to bring a balance angle to Technical Product Management.

A few other projects I initiated.

I was the product manager, solutions architect, or project manager for the following brands. I worked either directly with the brand or through their agency of records. For most projects, I would capture pain points and requirements, write and present proposals, work with a team of developers, and create analytics and dashboards to measure key results and monitor KPIs.
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My resume

Highly technical Product Director with 9+ years of experience driving product strategy and decision-making for IT, cloud, and SaaS solutions for F1000 companies. Experienced in overseeing $1.1MM+ budgets and leading large teams, committed to owning the product process end-to-end, and identifying opportunities that improve the customer experience. Strategic leader and problem solver who thrives in developing complex technical solutions that meet customer needs and boost business impact.


Feb 2019 - Present

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Oakville, ON


As head of Software Development and IT Services, led a team of 12+ software developers to effectively execute and build technical products based on business impact. Owned product strategy and drive product roadmap along with internal team process optimization. Led high-level programs, initiatives, and technical roadmaps, including orchestrating all aspects of Web Systems and Cloud for internal teams and external clients.

Major Impacts
  • Drove organizational growth from $8M to $25M while owning the technical delivery of the company's solutions and services with a set vision for future growth and adaptability to market trends and client needs.
  • Identified client's current gaps as the principal architect on solutions, including designing a track and trace system for F1000 companies that identified product sales divergence in 31 countries.
  • Led high-level programs, initiatives, and technical roadmaps, including orchestrating all aspects of Web Systems and Cloud for internal teams and external clients.
  • Ideated, developed, and deployed a resource hub solution for Astra Zeneca to engage and educate patients on self-injection medications which resulted in over 28% increase in opt-in.

Oct 2012 - Jan 2019

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Hamilton, ON


Founded an award-winning technology company with over $3M in revenue and 11 FTEs from $500. Served as an end-to-end solutions architect with requirements gathering, planning, developing, testing, and deploying tasks.

Major Impacts
  • Envisioned and developed analytics and platform for millions of IoT, such as NFC and BLE Beacons.
  • Hired and led a team of developers to reduce development time of custom mobile web solutions from 2 months to 3 weeks.
  • Secured over $500K in government funding for research and development with McMaster University.
  • Fostered key industry relationships while serving in end-to-end business roles, including presenting to the Board of Directors, leading ideation, generating sales, creating processes, billing, and maintaining business relationships.
  • Recognized as a Canadian Leader in Proximity Technologies and Inventor on a patent granted and patent-pending, including inventing a patented method to illuminate NFCs using passive energy.

Aug 2007 - Sep 2009

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Burnaby, BC


Provided recommendations to drive critical business growth objectives by understanding and applying trends in analytics. Designed, developed, and deployed internal sales dashboards.

Major Impacts
  • Created single consolidated dashboards from dozens of reports and scorecards, enabling multiple teams to access high-level status and present current GAP analysis results quickly, saving over 37.5 management hours per week.
  • Initiated Member Churn Analysis at eBay Canada to identify key issues responsible for 26% of dissatisfaction, leading to the creation of a Special Taskforce department that increased NPS score by over 30 points.
  • Increased the visibility of initiatives by analyzing post-marketing launches via ad-hoc KPI reports that assisted the BU in understanding Marketing ROI.
  • Saved over 480 labour hours per month by streamlining reporting activities from Department Specialists, eliminating duplication, and validating metrics.
  • Saved over 200 labour hours a month by implementing automated end-of-shift status reports.

Aug 2007 - Sep 2009

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Burnaby, BC


Led and implemented change activities related to business processes and technologies. Collaborated with Global Policy Managers in maintaining rules to ensure compliance with government recalls.

Major Impacts
  • Localized French Trust and Safety Rules and messaging prior to the eBay Quebec francophone site launch.
  • Created a process to optimize new content uploads from 14 days to 48 hours turnaround.
  • Restructured content tree to improve the program interface load-time from 180 to 15 seconds.
  • Formulated fraud protection algorithms during high visibility public events and anticipated potential Public Relations issues that resulted in preventing over 120 fraud cases per month.

JAN 2001 - APR 2006

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Burnaby, BC


Led 24/7 retail operations branch averaging over 500 daily transactions, generating $3M per year top line and consistently achieving the highest profit in Canada.

Major Impacts
  • Drafted a Request For Proposal to secure a $500K/year contract.
  • Improved workflows by JAD facilitation, resulting in shorter project turnaround and average labour rate reduction of 2.5% below plan.
  • Coached team members through SMART goals, leading to dozens of promotions.
  • Initiated training programs in technology and store-level operations, resulting in recognition as Western Canada's Training Centre.


McMaster University

2017 - 2021


M.A.Sc. (Computing Sciences)

Researched the detection and classification of concept drifts within the context of data streams. Extended existing algorithms and created a Bi-LSTM machine learning model to maximize accuracy.

McMaster University

2017 - 2021


B.A.Sc. (Business Informatics)

Combined honours program in Computing Sciences and Commerce.


Contact Detail.

Ontario, Canada.